Bitcoin Security Guide

Bitcoin    2021年1月6日

手里有粮心里不慌,不慌的前提是粮食安全,如果不安全的话即使粮食在手里,心里也不踏实。拿在手里的比特币就像是粮食,安全是第一位的。有个Bitcoin Security Guide的网站,就列出了几条重要的比特币安全指南,如下:

1、KISS, Keep it simple stupid! Don't screw yourself out of your Bitcoin due to complexity.

2、Learn the 10 commendments of self custody:
You shall backup your bitcoin seed
You shall test your backups
You shall Self-Validate with a Full-Node
You shall not dox your UTXOs
You shall not have single points-of-failure
You shall keep the Bitcoin Private Key AirGap
You shall Coin Control
You shall KISS (keep it simple stupid)
You shall not talk about your HODL
You shall Stack more sats

3、Get a COLDCARD Hardware Wallet, this is how you set it up.

4、Get a SEEDPLATE Bitcoin Metal Backup., this is how you use it.

5、Make extra encrypted backups, at least two more and store them in geographicaly separated locations. This is how you setup an encrypted MicroSD backup.

6、Passphrases are great security improvement, but it's one more thing to have to backup.Here is how you setup a passphrase. Make sure that if you use a passphrase, you have a minimum of one metal backup of the passphrase too.

7、Test everything!

8、Now choose a software wallet, I recommend:
FullyNoded (iOS/Mac)
Specter Desktop (Mac/PC/Linux)
Electrum (Mac/PC/Linux)
Blue Wallet (iOS/Mac)

9、Bonus, I also recommend keeping a backup of the last known working version of the software wallet you chose. Could come in handy in case the wallet becomes abandon-ware and/or you no longer around to help the stakeholders.

10、Test a small amount, both deposit and spend. And make sure to test backup recovery before depositing real money!

11、Keep learning, lots of videos here, as you acquire more knowledge you can increase the security and complexity of your setup based on your needs.

Bitcoin Security Guide: